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Media Advocacy

Development Communication Network (DEVCOMS) designed a Media Advocacy Strategy, drawing on information learned from the Media Stakeholders Analysis conducted during the Discovery phase of the project.  The assessment identified health reporters and media representatives that the project could work with in each of the four first-phase cities (Abuja, Kaduna, Ibadan, and Ilorin). The assessment also indicated that many media representatives harbored misconceptions and incorrect information about family planning and were reluctant to support family planning through the media due to “sensitivities” expressed by local opinion-leaders.

Following the Media Advocacy Strategy, DEVCOMS trained print and electronic media journalists during 2-day workshops on family planning and its links to health and development.  DEVCOMS established a database of trained media representatives in each city who it invites to cover family planning activities, including those organized by NURHI.

DEVCOMS also works with its media contacts to create opportunities for interviews and discussions with ACGs, FP Champions, policy-makers, and NURHI representatives. Members of the DEVCOMS network also cover family planning activities, and write feature articles; they were crucial in popularizing the “Get it Together” campaign

DEVCOMS and the NURHI field offices track the volume of family planning coverage in the media as a means of monitoring its impact.