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Advocacy Tools

Developing advocacy materials and tools

NURHI organized a Materials Development Workshop to assist the Advocacy Core Groups (ACGs) and Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH) to produce national and site-specific advocacy materials and tools.  Representatives from the four cities (Abuja, Kaduna, Ibadan, and Ilorin) ACG and FMOH developed their own advocacy kits during this workshop.  The advocacy kits use evidence to bring key FP issues into focus and emphasize the action that need to be taken by the target audience to bring about change.

Following the workshop, ACGs and FMOH pre-tested and revised the kits. NURHI produced the kits and policy briefs for each city and then conducted one-day orientations on their use with each of the four ACGs.The materials produced include a position paper, a one page policy briefs and fact sheets. The ACGs, FMOH and other advocacy groups, as well as partners use advocacy kits and briefs to support policy dialogue with policy-makers, opinion leaders, religious and traditional leaders. 

The Futures Institute assisted NURHI to prepare city-specific RAPID (Resources for Awareness of Rapid Population Impact on Development) tools and booklets that show the current trends in population growth, projections for future population growth and its effect on the environment, social services, the economy, health, and development.   The RAPID tools include slides that can be used to stimulate dialogue concerning the role of effective and sustained family planning programming.